• Commemorative mini garden for a guitar player

  • Small Screen perfect for the mantle with Craspedia and Freesia

  • Bride's Bouquet with Stargazer Lilies

  • Unique Wreaths

  • Cyclamen and Snowmen

  • Lemon cypress Grinch tree

  • Taxis and a burro
    Taxis and a burro

    Taxis in the desert with burro and 2 jade plants in tin container

  • Vintage Collection
    Vintage Collection

    vintage silver vase, silver baby cup, crystal bud vases, Long John Silver character jug, Beswick bulldogs, Thelwell pony and rider, Yellow milk glass vase

  • Lovely little vintage vases

  • Perfect little vase for a posy from the garden

  • Vases of all shapes, sizes and colours

  • Tropicals and succulents

  • Fairy Garden gate

 Greenfingers Flowers is Closing!

314 Barton St. E.         289-389-9100         hello@greenfingers.ca


It is with a heavy heart that I announce that Greenfingers Flowers will cease operating at the end of January. Greenfingers will be open in January to clear out all the remaining stock of houseplants, décor and fixtures but will have no fresh flowers.

This has been a difficult decision but that there are many other things I wish to do in the years to come.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as part of the revitalized Barton Village family and have met many wonderful people, customers, friends, neighbours while providing beautiful flowers to all and sundry.

I love working with the flowers and, despite the stress, producing wedding flowers that a bride loves is a great experience. I love my shop. Collecting all the fun and eclectic stuff that fills the space with colour and interest has been an adventure. Being seen as a positive addition to Barton Village and the whole neighbourhood has been a very uplifting experience. I love being able to pin a flower in the hair of the little girl who lives upstairs when she pops in. I even love it that The Princess Poppet gets more visitors than I do.

Special thanks to Rachel Braithwaite of the Barton Village BIA for her encouragement and work on behalf of all businesses in the area. And a big hug and thanks to Brenda Hellendy who has been an invaluable friend to both me and the Princess Poppet since the shop opening. Thank you all who have come to the shop to visit and buy some lovely flowers. It has been a pleasure serving you all


Everything ON SALE!

I have some wonderful vases, baskets and containers including some vintage, artwork, wall shelves, knick knacks and bric-à-brac. Not to mention lots of ribbons and other craft materials. I will have house plants but no fresh flowers in January.

All the store fixtures, bookcases, wire racking and shelving are also for sale.

Thank you all for your support over the past 2 years and I hope to see you in January for the remaining bargains. Drop in anytime. I could use some hugs.


Jocelyn Weatherbe

Greenfingers Flowers

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